SPM 2011: Final project

M. Danelutto

Version 1.0

The project is assigned to individual students or to groups of max 2 students. The project has to be prepared and sent to the teacher by one of the dates published on the course web site (secretary web site). The project sent to the professor via email must consist in:

  1. a message with subject "& project submission"
  2. a PDF document, in attachment, with the project report, of max 10 pages
  3. a tar.gz document, in attachment, with the project code, the examples, the makefiles, and all what's necessary to recompile and run it.
Each one of the two attachments is described in detail later on in this document.

After receiving all the projects relative to the exam session, the teachers will take about one week to mark them (a little bit more in case of a huge number of projects submitted) and then they will publish a calendar of oral exams for the students that submitted a project eventually ranked sufficient or higher.

The oral exam is made of two parts:

  1. a short demo of the project run by the student using one or more text terminals connected via SSH to the parallel machines where the project has been developed. During the demo the student will be asked to answer questions relative to the project structure, code, behaviour.

  2. two/three questions relative to the topics presented and discussed in the course and covered by the teaching material (project course notes + book chapters covering the last part of the course arguments).

At the end of the oral exam, the student will get the final exam mark registered.

In case, the student may submit the project at exam session $i$ and have the exam at session $i+k$ provided it is in the same period (e.g. submit the project in June and have the oral exam in July, but not in September).

marco danelutto 2011-05-16