Research Projects

I participate to different projects (funded by EU or by Italian Education and Scientific Research Ministry). Here is a list of the main projects I am (or I've been recently) involved in.

Project Links Type role of Dept. Comp. Science - Univ. Pisa my role (2001-2005) Italian FIRB National responsible of the project (Prof. M. Vanneschi) Responsible of WP8 (development of the ASSIST programming environment)
CoreGRID (2004-2008) EU NoE Partner No. 35, partecipating to activities of WP3 and WP7 Responsible of the Programming model Institute (WP3), member of the Ex-comm
GridCOMP (2006-2009) EU STREP “core partner” of the project, mainly partecipating to the activities of WP3, with contributions to WP2, WP4 and WP5 Responsible of WP3 “non functional component features” support page at UNIPI
ERCIM CoreGRID WG (2008 - 2012) ERCIM Working group Partner of the WG, participating in the activities of several research topics Responsible of the Advanced programming model model research topic
S-Cube (2008-2012) EU NoE Associate partner
ParaPhrase (2011-2015) ParaPhrase home page EU STREP FP7 Partner No. 6 Responsible of the WP2 “Parallel patterns”
REPARA (2013-) REPARA home page EU STREP FP7 Partner no. 9 Responsible of WP6 “Run time system ”
RePhrase (2015-) EU H2020 Partner No. 6 Responsible WP2 “Pattern-Based Parallel Software Engineering”